Products or services for adults and used underwear

It is not allowed to list and/or request

  • Products or offers of listings of pornographic nature prohibited by law, such as prostitution, pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia, incest.
  • Material of any kind that contains child pornography, or that, at the discretion of Mercado Libre, promotes pedophilia or contains images of naked minors.
  • Listings with sexual connotation outside the adult category.
  • Sexual services, including sexual services through webcam streaming.
  • Used underwear such as panties, underpants, bathing suits, diapers, lingeries and jockstraps, etc.
  • Advertisements outside the Adult category, links to eShops or products listed in this category.
  • Home pornographic photographs and videos not authorized by their actors and/or participants.

What is allowed to list?

The products mentioned herein are only examples.

  • Erotic, sexy or sensual costumes that leave intimate parts of the body visible.
  • Underwear that leaves intimate parts of the body visible, and which can be worn for sexual purposes or that contain words or phrases related to sexual intercourse.
  • Magazines or books with pornographic content or containing naked people.
  • Videos, films and games with pornographic or sexual content.
  • Aphrodisiac products or those containing pheromone.
  • Figures or toys that show naked people or people in sexual positions.
  • Any product with sexual connotation.

Remember that we will close listings that do not respect our Product Listing Policies or any law in force. This violation may lead to the suspension of your account.

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